Let me
introduce myself

I am currently working at Cloudy Fox Technology as a Software Engineer.

I want to learn and develop my skills to deliver a quality product based on the organizational goals. I want to explore the latest technologies and broaden my knowledge in the world of web development. I am passionate about the latest technology and eager to grasp the knowledge. I love to have fun as well beacause that get you head rolling and find better perspective about work and life too.


What I Do

Despite looking over stack overflow most of the time, These are the things i can work with

  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Plugins Development
  • Web Application Development
  • REST API Development
  • Support and Maintenance of the pre-existing projects
  • Basic Project Management
  • Kanban/Agile Workflow
  • Deployment of the WordPress Websites
2 Years Experience Working

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Technologies that i have been working on


service offers

If we hang out, I can serve you beer but professionally I can provide following services.

WP Theme Development

You are new, don’t have a website and want to develop it on wordpress cause why not it’s dope

WP Plugin Development

You already have a website but need a specific plugin that could ease up your work as well as your site

Website Maintenance

You have a website but something is not working like it should, what’s up dude? *rhymes for free*

Wordpress Integration

You have a static website, tried of adjusting content on file so you want something to ease up your life.

Wordpress Multilanguage Implementation

You have a wordpress site but need multi language to target different audience. The more, The fun

Laravel Web Application Development

You have the target of getting a scalable and highly amazing features project under your plan. There you go

REST API Development

You have your web application and want to enhance its capability. API helps reach out your application on whole new level.

Hosting & Website Deploy

You have your website or your web application Bravo! , but need hosting space and deploy your website live,see magic, pay me and a high five?

Now lets get back to work.
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