My Journey as a Software Engineer

Hi! My name is Bipin Bhandari. I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Cloudyfox Technology, Anamnagar. I just wanted to share my experience how I could write myself as a Software Engineer. Bear with me *wink*

I was on 8th Semester. Oh yeah, I studied Bachelors in Computer Science Information Technology. I had to get an intern somewhere for my final year intern project. To be extremely honest, I was more into making videos on YouTube than on the field I was actually studying. Once I had a dream of becoming a YouTuber and make my living with it. Not every dream comes true, do they?

Anyways, I had to start somewhere as an intern to pass my intern project. At first I took it that way. My colleague had already started his intern as .NET Developer at Cloudyfox Technology. This is how our conversation went (not exact but you get the point)

My Friend: Bro, I started my intern as .NET Developer.
Me: Wow dude, That’s awesome. Good for you!
My Friend: Thanks bro, They said they need another intern as well, you wanna join?
Me: Yeah sure, if they accept me that would be awesome. By the way what are they looking an intern for?
My Friend: They said it’s for WordPress. I will consult once and i will inform you
Me: mkay! Thanks Bud!

Let me not lie to you, I didn’t even know what WordPress actually was that time. I was nervous and extremely panicked. I need this intern if not I will fail but I know nothing about what I was going for. Unfortunately I was called the same day for an interview and let me tell you Gwarko to Anamnagar was not far that day. I didn’t get time to prepare. I went total on luck that day. I had to answer some questions on written exam. I have no idea how it went but I was immediately called for an interview. I went inside my boss’s office. We had some basic conversation about our name, places and that stuffs, When it got to real interview I was surely going to fail this one. I know it. Here is little how it went:

My Boss: Is there any projects that you have worked on maybe just as a practice.
Me: No Sir *lowers my head*
My Boss: Okay, You are here for WordPress Intern, Can you open PHP syntax and show it to me?
Me: *thinking* PHP? I heard what PHP is but can I open PHP syntax?…. No sir, I don’t know how that is done.
My Boss: Do you remember this syntax somewhere “<?” *writes on a paper*
Me: Yes Sir, It was something like “<?php”.

At this point, I was 100% sure I am not getting a chance here. I was embarrassed as well. I regretted coming unprepared and also how dumb I was on the field I was actually studying. It was eye opening. At that point, I only had one thing to tell and that’s the truth. I told him how I was dreaming of being a YouTuber and was working all my semester’s into making video and not actually working on anything related to my field I was studying. I remember I said something in full confidence which I didn’t in all my interview.
“Sir, If I start getting into something, Trust me I will be good at it in no time”
I don’t know what went in his head (which in case if you are reading this dai, I am very thankful for it), He accepted me and said he will give me a month to go through all of things and there I go, I started looking into the things, I started getting the hang of it, I know how things’ are done. One month later, I had to give a presentation about what I have learned. Judging it he extended another two months on my internship.

After that, My 3 months intern was completed. Yeah I passed! Later he called me in his office and offered me a Job as a PHP Developer. I was happy and I was now a permanent team member. Time went on and when Cloudyfox restructured their team members’ designation, Your Boy, Software Engineer! It’s been 3 years I have been working as a Software Engineer. What a fun Journey!

Why All This?

If you make it till here, Thank you so much. Why I wrote this was because I wanted to share this to them who are starting into their field and are afraid. If you go for it, you get better at it. And also, this was a walk back for me and I want to thank CloudyFox Technology for giving me a platform and helped to build myself up and be a better version of myself.